#DearSingleSister Book

#DearSingleSister Book

Based off Dr. Hanchell's popular #DearSingleSister tweets, this book offers 101 words of wisdom for single women from the perspective of a married man. Every single woman is bound to benefit from the wisdom in these pages.



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What others are saying about #DearSingleSister….

I am so excited about #DearSingleSister – especially because scripture is the foundation! Ladies, we have to be what God has called us to be! #DearSingleSister will help us to be all that we need to be and more! It will teach us to be well within ourselves before we can unite with someone else!

Michelle Williams
Singer, Destiny’s Child

I have four daughters ranging in ages from seven to fifteen. When they mature into young ladies, (and I do not use the word “lady” dismissively), I will give them this book. #DearSingleSister poignantly describes the attributes that make a girl a “woman,” and a woman a “lady.” In today’s society, there is seemingly little value for lady-like characteristics. Rather than being revered as the norm, it is considered an art form. #DearSinglSister shares pearls of wisdom that debunk the current mindset of the so-called “21st century woman.” Through the eyes and heart of a loving Christian man, dynamic impartation and substance is revealed as the author unabashedly exposes why single women must give respect in order to get respect. Further, he explains how the word “submissive” is not a four letter word, and why it is ultimately important for ladies to establish boundaries to achieve their personal best. This book is a must-read! Whether you are a single male or female, #DearSingleSister is sure to elevate your mind and revive your soul!

Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant
Pastor, Empowerment Temple AME Church

In this day and age there are many factors that can affect the way a woman views herself and interacts with the opposite sex. As a single woman, I too can relate to “the struggle”. There are a few bylaws that the single woman should adhere to in her state of aloneness, not only to gain an appreciation for who she is and what she brings to the table, but so she will know how to conduct herself when dealing with the opposite sex. To fully acquire what God has predestined, it is imperative that the single woman understands her worth and value. Dr. Tejado W. Hanchell sheds light for the single woman on some of the rules she should live by in the relationship pursuit in his latest book, #DearSingleSister, in a unique and humorous way. The principles in this book will prove to be beneficial and are sure to bless your life!

Dr. Ireshea Hilliard
Author, Table for One

Dr. Tejado W. Hanchell inspires people daily on Twitter with his down to earth style. #DearSingleSister is a must-read!

Kimberly Jones-Pothier
CEO, Conquering Hell in High Heels