“Creed: I Believe” Teaching Series

"Creed: I Believe" Teaching Series

Six-week teaching series based on The Apostles' Creed. Includes sermon outlines, PowerPoint slides, discussion questions and more...for only $77!


“Creed: I Believe” is a six-week series of sermons based on The Apostles’ Creed – the oldest Christian statement of faith outside of the Bible. This series engages the hearers and challenges them to walk with and wrestle with their beliefs. Sermon titles include:

  • I Believe in God: The Foundation of Faith
  • I Believe in Jesus Christ: The Fullness of Faith
  • I Believe in the Resurrection: The Fulcrum of Faith
  • I Believe in the Holy Spirit: The Force of Faith
  • I Believe in the Church: The Family of Faith
  • I Believe in Everlasting Life: The Fundamentals of Faith

The “Creed” package comes with an outline for the six-week sermon series, sermon notes/outlines for each message, PowerPoint slides, and discussion questions for small groups/Bible study. The entire teaching series is available for $77 and can be emailed once purchase is complete.

This is a great series for any pastor/preacher who is looking to strengthen their congregation’s core beliefs for greater discipleship.